Our partners in commercialisation

    We build impressive commercialisation services in co-operation with several specialists.

    Innovate+Grow creates permanent value for its customers and their customers by activating hidden innovativeness within the companies. New ideas create new revenue streams and help solve arising challenges in an open-minded way. Vipu's Integrated Sales and Marketing service is produced in co-operation with Innovate &Grow. As the name suggests, Integrated Sales and Marketing gets your company's sales and marketing to work in unison. The service is scalable, which means it is ideal for companies big and small.


    Deeply Digital  is a no-nonsense digital marketing agency based in Leamington Spa. We specialise in the art of content, content promotion and marketing technology for enterprises with complex B2B sales. Deeply Digital is a Platinum HubSpot partner.


    Heuvel Marketing is an inbound marketing agency, based in the beautiful province town of Nijmegen, Netherland. Their services are specifically designed to provide a no-risk solution for companies with a complex sales cycle (e.g. SAAS-providers, legal firms, et cetera).



    Generating and treasuring sales leads and increasing sales are at the heart of everything we do. The lead process can be automated with different tools. In marketing automation, we have chosen HubSpot as our partner. HubSpot offers a comprehensive software platform with seamless connectivity to many CRM systems. Over 16 000 companies in over 90 countries use HubSpot. Vipu is HubSpot's partner in Finland and Sweden, and we are also the first HubSpot Gold Certified Agency in Finland. Learn more about HubSpot.

    If you know you can improve our customers business and produce added value for us both, please, contact us!

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