Align and automate - the top tasks for effective sales and marketing

Author Terhi Bergius - 05 August, 2014

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The basic business of bringing buyers and sellers together is experiencing a significant change due to digital revolution. The winning companies build now integrated processes to align their marketing and sales activities into a single funnel in order to better create and manage their leads.

Hand in hand with process integration arises the need for automation. Effective lead generation and management of process requires suitable IT and planning tools, right competences and persistency to improve the process continuously.


B2B companies have a great potential to gain

Why some companies succeed and some struggle in their sales and marketing? The early adopters have seen the change in buying behaviour - and acted by changing their marketing and sales approach. This change is already in full swing in most B2C businesses.

There are also B2B companies taking the benefit of integrated sales and marketing processes and digital tools, but their number especially in Northern European markets is still modest. This fact should really interest the sales directors - as it provides a huge potential to build competitive advantage both in terms of effectiveness and efficiency.

The majority of B2B companies is about - or should be at least - to take their first lessons in adapting their organisations and activities to meet the challenge. The purchasing and selling patterns have inevitably changed, which forces the change to take place. Those companies who do not understand the value of customer driven digital sales funnel - they will be replaced by others, sooner than later.


Jeetu Mahtani and Mikael Blomqvist

“Inbound marketing is gaining momentum globally and HubSpot certified marketing agency Vipu is playing a key role in driving inbound marketing best practices and adoption. The team at Vipu is enabling organisations to create a culture where sales and marketing are tightly aligned to drive traffic, leads and sales” said Jeetu Mahtani, Managing Director of HubSpot, which is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts and offices in Dublin, Ireland and Sydney, Australia.


What makes integration a part of the solution?

Tough competition forces companies to work in a consciously structured way. The best in class companies focus on and provide a better customer experience by implementing a unified marketing and sales process. Thus they are able to promote and realise unique benefits for their desired customer base throughout their whole service chain. Furthermore, they are able to improve their performance and efficiency in order to stay ahead of competition.

Vipu has been the trendsetter of integrating sales and marketing processes in the Finnish market since 2007. The focus has been on the B2B markets, but similar needs can be solved for B2C businesses alike.

The digital sales funnel enables creating, automating and measuring customer dialogue - to secure that it also brings revenues in the form of profitable sales.


Signal - create sales leads


“Implementing the inbound methodology and HubSpot automation can be managed by us or by the customer itself - our aim is really to support companies to change their processes and practices to more efficient ones and build a great customer experience,” said Mikael Blomqvist, MD of Vipu International.


Combining integrated approach and HubSpot automation

Vipu - HubSpot Gold certified agency partnerThe integration is supported and automated partly by cloud based IT tools like HubSpot.
Integration and automation experts Jeetu Mahtani from HubSpot and Mikael Blomqvist challenge large and small companies to rethink their way of working with customers - and to fully utilise today’s digital opportunities.

The answer is to simplify the buying experience and build a digital sales pipeline - and to improve efficiency on continuous basis with automated tools. The knowledge and toolboxes are already available through Vipu and HubSpot product and service offering:


Integrating sales and marketing: 


Vipu - commercialise betterDo you need to pinpoint your key sales challenges? Start by Compass and focus on most burning improvement areas.

Does your commercial strategy require reformulation due to recent/upcoming market changes? Recharge your Machine for defining who are the customers and how to differentiate your offering and secure fluent sales process.

Do you want to create and implement an automated lead generation process and build remarkable content for your customers? Build your own Signal product - a planning and production process for lead generating content and activation. Operate it with digital cloud service tools like HubSpot, enabling automation from content sharing to lead qualification and CRM integration.

Do you expect systematic improvement from your customer understanding and performance? Utilise the Analysis product to steer the focus of your marketing and sales resources on result-bringing activities by analysing the behaviour of your web visitors and leads.


Sales funnel automation:


Are you ready to automate your sales funnel? Implement HubSpot - the world’s leading inbound marketing and sales platform. Vipu provides the services you need: inbound marketing coaching, license sales, system configuration and CRM integration, planning of lead generation functionality and content creation, implementing visual and text content, training and support of the users.



For more information:

Mikael Blomqvist, Managing Director, Vipu International Oy: +358 40 550 1711


Vipu International Oy provides effective commercialisation services for North European B2B companies. The focus is on enabling sales and marketing integration and automation. Vipu is a Gold Certified Agency Partner of HubSpot.

HubSpot is the world’s leading inbound marketing and sales platform offering Small and Medium size businesses all necessary tools in one cloud service.