Sales stats 2017: The shifts in B2B buyer behavior

Author Vipu International - 22 June, 2017

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The B2B purchase habits are being transformed. Here are some updated statistics about buyer behavior changes in B2B purchase processes: 

Based on the statistics, there are some important notices for sales directors: 
  • The more complex the buying process is, the more contents buyers research.
  • The B2B buyer prefers to conduct online research or take feedback from their network rather than contact a salesperson in the early stage of their buying process.
  • Website is a 24/7 salesperson which can attract, capture and nurture the prospect with excellent cost efficiency. 
In order to close the deal, a sales pitch alone is absolutely not enough. The real solution for the buyer's pain point is the key.  To be able to succeed in providing unique solutions, the seller company should differentiate its offering from the competition. Furthermore, business  differentiation is one of the top business challenges in 2017 which is mentioned in the ebook "Offering that creates value". 

In this mini ebook, you will find:

  • How differentiation promotes the mutual interests of the customer and the supplier
  • Symptoms of weak differentiation
  • Options to improve differentiation

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