A more effective sales process with inbound and marketing automation.

    Architects, SURF's most important target group, are known to be creative but also demanding when it comes to realising their ideas. This is why the core of SURF's business is to help architects by providing them with innovative solutions that they can then use to realise their ambitious and impressive architecture projects.

    To pique the interest of architects, SURF shifted from product-centred marketing and sales to customer-oriented marketing and sales. A clear sales process was created and implemented in the selected CRM system.


    "Your Idea, Our Surfaces"

    The company's customer promise speaks of the value SURF offers architects and how SURF differs from its competitors.

    Implementing this promise required some changes to the inner workings of the company. In order to succeed, the customer promise had to be founded upon SURF's core expertise: the realisation of the innovative ideas of architects.

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    SURF Architecture Services

    "All visible architecture is surface. The surface gives architecture its shape and edges, creates the space and mood. To make the most of your creativity, we have assembled the best products and technical know-how in architectural surfaces under one roof.

    New technologies in the field of light construction and individually developed, functional solutions might just be the key to realising the highly demanding project sitting on your desktop this very minute."