Business challenges

Business challenges

Sales focus on one‐to‐one interaction with a great opportunity to deeply understand customer needs. This emphasises skills in interpersonal communication, shorter-term impact, drive and negotiation.

Marketing focuses on influencing wider audiences with various interests and interest levels. This emphasises skills in behaviour analysis, activating larger groups and long term persistence in achieving results.

Usual signs of misaligned marketing and sales:

  • No clear and agreed‐upon qualifications for a good sales lead
  • No common way of working on building the buyer journey from contact to repeating customer
  • No agreed‐upon criteria for good performance in sales and marketing

Our solutions

Our solutions

We help companies recognise and reach their most important target segments, achieve set sales targets, design and implement marketing that is connected to business goals, measure the efficiency of these activities and constantly keep developing their practices. 


Marketing, sales and customers are all part of a continuous chain that aims to seamlessly bind the company's offering to the target market


How sales enablement services and software can supercharge sales process

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HubSpot platform

HubSpot platform

HubSpot Marketing

HubSpot Marketing enables all-inclusive online marketing and its measurement, automation and optimization using a single tool: you can e.g. manage a large, multilingual website with the user-friendly CMS system; create search engine optimized blog posts; post social media updates; build form pages that generate conversions; create automatic e-mail campaigns and workflow series; personify websites using dynamic content and collect accurate data on the target audience for sales purposes.

HubSpot Sales

HubSpot Sales significantly enhances sales efforts. It allows you to continue processing the leads generated and qualified using HubSpot Marketing: e.g. automatically turn leads into prospects, create and test multi-purpose e-mail templates and immediately see when your leads open e-mails. You can link HubSpot Sales with Gmail or Outlook, i.e. send e-mails, book appointments and call your contacts directly from the system. Sales efforts are scaled appropriately when you can contact your leads when their readiness to buy is at its highest.

HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM simplifies sales management and implementation. You can easily manage contacts, deals and the sales funnel as well as measure and coordinate marketing and sales efforts directly via the CRM. Every event is automatically logged into the system while it is being processed. HubSpot's CRM is an extremely competitive (always free) option especially for small companies and those who wish to use HubSpot to seamlessly combine marketing and sales.



HubSpot services

Vipu is a certified HubSpot partner that serves companies in the design and implementation of customer-oriented inbound marketing. Vipu strongly commits to its customers' business goals and works in seamless co-operation with the customers' sales and marketing staff.

Our commercialisation services for companies include comprehensive fine-tuning of the company's sales and marketing strategy, planning a new marketing communications strategy and the implementation of these changes. Our services are based on a strong marketing and sales process that helps companies build and carry out customer-oriented marketing strategies and develop practices that help the companies achieve commercial goals.

Our HubSpot services