Choose analytics that focus on measuring the market.

    Why? – To continuously improve lead generation

    Competition for online visibility and customers is constantly changing its shape. This is why you must continuously ensure and verify the functionality of your online presence and customer experience based on facts, even if they have been well implemented initially. HubSpot and Vipu's analytics service offers information that deepens your understanding of the customers and allows you to steer your marketing efforts in the right direction.

    How? – Based on facts and analysis

    HubSpot produces a lot of data on leads and the success of different types of content. Vipu helps you choose the metrics that are significant for your business and monitors and analyses the results and produces a clear summary of the material, complete with recommendations.

    What is it? – Well-founded actions to improve results

    An analytics report compiled by Vipu focuses on the aspects that are most crucial for the growth of the business: concrete data and its significance are presented clearly and the added value is born of the well-justified recommendations that lean on Vipu's extensive experience.

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