Choose a professional partner for HubSpot and CRM integration

    Why? – To modernise your sales and marketing

    As far as business operations and the customer are concerned, sales and marketing are parts of the same process. A good customer experience requires that these facets of the business are coordinated – right down to the information systems. HubSpot's marketing tools and CRM system link up seamlessly. If needed, Vipu can also integrate HubSpot with your existing CRM system.

    How? – By connecting the sales and marketing processes to each other

    HubSpot CRM can be selected and adopted for free when the HubSpot marketing tool is implemented. Alternatively, your company's current CRM system can be integrated to HubSpot's marketing functions. Vipu will take care of training your sales staff as part of the HubSpot implementation regardless of the CRM system your company uses.

    What is it? – An integrated marketing and CRM solution

    Vipu will deliver HubSpot CRM or integrate HubSpot to your current CRM system as per your company's needs. In the HubSpot CRM system, the sales department automatically has access to all lead-specific information gathered in HubSpot's marketing part. When HubSpot's marketing tool is integrated with another CRM system, the information that transfers with a lead is specified separately for each lead.


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