Inbound Marketing

Convert Website Visitors into Contacts and Leads

Inbound marketing helps the customer to find solutions

The sales processes of companies operating in the B2B sector are typically long and complex. In client companies, multiple people contribute to the purchase decision in one way or another, and they seek solutions to their problems from websites and other digital channels. This is how they usually also end up on websites of vendor companies offering solutions.

Building a purchase experience begins and is reinforced online – if the website and its content are built to serve the interests of the target groups and to facilitate a purchase decision. Sales promoting online presence is based on content that appeals to the customer at different stages of the purchase process. Customer-oriented content helps to serve the visitor and guide them on in the purchase process, and potential customers are converted into suitable leads for an actual sale.

A customer-oriented website produces and warms up leads – and simultaneously steers the potential customer towards buying. Today, website content can be personified according to the identified customer type and the stage of the purchase process (smart content). The digital data accumulated from leads makes selling significantly easier.


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