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More profitable marketing with data

Successful development of marketing requires skills in demonstrating the cause and effect of marketing actions. As support to that, data-driven management creates produces more profitable marketing.  

Well organized marketing and data results in sustainable competitive advantage

Reorganized, "marketing of tomorrow" - uses data to discover the cause and effect between actions and results, and as a consequence of that, gains competitive advantage. With deep and extensive know-how, our skilled team takes your marketing to the next level. 

Operative marketing

Operative marketing

Our operative marketing services help to develop and boost your company's operations. These services support bringing the strategic goals and ambitions of marketing into practice when both short and long-term goals will be reached. 


We can take your company to the next level by building a strong foundation and reaching the set targets in marketing together. Best results are achieved when the groundwork has been done carefully and all necessary steps have been completed systematically, in the right order.


Implementing a new marketing technology

Our onboarding services help you get the best possible start with the new HubSpot technology. In addition, you learn effective working methods to maximize the benefits of the products. The support and training provided by our experts reduce any challenges during the transformation.


During implementation, we make the systems ready to use according to the client's needs and make sure that everything in the onboarding goes smoothly from start to finish. We help to utilize the new features in daily work, so that productivity increases, making operations more efficient. 


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Implementing a new marketing technology
Content creation

Content creation

Interesting and relevant content is everything when you want to attract potential clients to the website and other digital channels. SEO and optimization are vital parts of professional content creation. High-quality, accurately targeted content, sparks the interest of the right audience and draws them closer to that purchase decision. 

Outsourcing content creation to Vipu, you can focus on your core expertise. Our experienced and knowledgeable content producers create quality content that takes you closer to your growth targets and increases the search engine visibility for your website.



Utilizing marketing data

Utilizing collected data in marketing opens up new opportunities to develop marketing in the direction that is proven to be most effective. Traditional marketing involves lots of activities that cannot be measured, meaning, that most of the actual results remain unknown or unclear. Data-driven marketing research and measure the outcomes of marketing actions, which best facilitates the right and effective solutions. This improves productivity and growth through marketing.

Applying data and analytics as part of marketing with the help of our experts will take your marketing to the next level and provide better insight into your clients. If we can understand how the target audience behaves and what attracts them the most, we can optimize all marketing actions and costs.

Datan hyödyntäminen
Markkinoinnin koulutus

Marketing training

Our experts, with their comprehensive and in-depth knowledge, train your staff in successful, data-driven marketing. Reducing marketing tools and using a single platform instead, we improve the efficiency of actions and make use of the full potential of data. 

Marketing Hub and its features develop marketing and cooperation between marketing and sales departments. Through marketing automation, the leads are already warm when they reach the sales team - which leaves them more time to focus on more demanding tasks. In our training, we focus to develop a start for joint improvement to boost marketing and sales achievements. 


Marketing integrations

Preparation is half the work. Modern interfaces and tools make today's implementations carefree. Although the aim is to reduce the number of systems, several systems are typically used at the same time - and that is why it makes sense to integrate them. 

Through interactions, data from various systems can be collected into one place, which makes everyday work faster, operations easier to develop and facilitates better management. For example, integrating websites and marketing automation into your CRM system gives an advanced overview in understanding the client's behaviour and experiences.

Vipu's experts have experience from dozens of integrations so you can be sure that all projects will be carried out effectively to a high standard.

Marketing integrations