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Smart and Modern CRM.
Technology with a human approach.


Connecting you to customers for the perfect customer experience.

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At Vipu, we believe in the strength of working together for exceptional outcomes. Our specialists join forces to forge strong bridges that connect marketing, sales, and management, fostering a shared vision of your present and future sales and marketing endeavors.


Together, we propel your company towards its growth potential. 

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Growth paths are paved with information

Our service model is a process assembled of the best practices uncovered over years of experience that we use to generate significant value for our customers. We integrate our sales and marketing into a complete and functioning machinery that improves productivity and enables the growth of sales.  This is made possible by the busting open of silos and improving the cooperation between teams within the organisation. Our seasoned specialists have defined a phased process where each phase is completed in the right order to yield maximal benefits.

Doing things in the correct order ensures that the groundwork required by each phase is laid to facilitate a successful completion. Each phase that provides you with a benefit is meaningful for the best possible end result. We know how to bring your sales and marketing to the next level. Join us on a shared path to growth!

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Vipu MarTech Outlook

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"Every client has their own need, and based these needs, Vipu builds the perfect, personalised HubSpot platform and cements it with its three pillars of success – people, technology, and business goals." - Jussi Liimatainen

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Working together for better results

Working together for better results

With the help of our experienced specialists, the bridges built between marketing, sales and management give a shared common vision of both the current state and the future of your sales and marketing efforts. Reach your company’s growth potential by bolstering collaboration between sales, marketing and service.


Processes are optimized via data-based decisions and the causal relationships between different choices can be presented in a visual form.

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Why Hubspot?

HubSpot is a comprehensive solution for sales, marketing and customer service that significantly boosts the cooperation between these business functions. The system offers all the essential tools for building a seamless customer experience and turning a potential buyer from a lead into a long-term customer.

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Marketing Hub

HubSpot Marketing Hub incorporates all of the tools required by digital marketing into a single platform. Marketing automation boosts the company’s marketing efforts, speeds up information transfer among marketing staff and measures the success of campaigns.

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Sales Hub

Hub HubSpot Sales Hub streamlines the sales process and allows the salesperson to focus on exactly those customers who are in need of personal attention at that moment all the while preparing other contacts to schedule a meeting, make an offer and close the deal.

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Service Hub

HubSpot Service Hub is a customer service system that integrates seamlessly into the sales and marketing systems. This allows us to build a frictionless customer experience as all the required customer information can be found handily in one place.

For the love of the sport

We offer a human-centred, caring and appreciative environment where everyone is given the chance to be the best version of themselves. We deliver a boost to our customers’ sales and marketing and design the measures required to reach the set goals. We combine sales and marketing systems to other business systems. Integration and analytics are used to create a transparent, real-time management system. With training and cooperation we ensure expertise, implementation and execution across the entire organisation. The diverse competence palette of our team ensures that we are able to offer all of our customer only the best possible service that solves their challenges. We offer a human-centred, caring and appreciative environment where everyone is given the chance to be the best version of themselves.

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When marketing is organised in a modern manner that utilises collected data, causal relationships between actions and results can be uncovered, leading to lasting competitive advantage.

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Sales in the digital age require the support of data, tools and marketing measures. Organising sales and marketing into one whole allows sales to focus on exactly what it knows best: working with customers and closing sales.



When data is organised properly and the systems are used sensibly, the entire organisation remains in the know about what is happening with sales and marketing at all times. Managing people becomes easier when everyone has access to the same information.