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Boost sales with data and marketing

Boost sales with data and marketing

Sales in the digital era require support from data, tools and marketing activities.


Sales and Marketing are both working towards the same goal - both are important and needed. But they are even more powerful when united. Organizing sales and marketing into one entity allows sales to focus on what it does best: customer work and closing deals.

Sales enablement

It is estimated that 70-80% of the buyer´s journeys is complete before buyer even reaches out for sales.

In our model, the marketing team takes care of the customer at the beginning of journey: providing help and useful content, making awareness,  capturing leads and "nurturing"  them, reinforcing relationships with potential customers.

It is then up to the sales team to work  on the most potential leads, convert those leads into deals and grow sales. More qualified sales leads means better close rates and more deals.

Uniting two teams requires planning and change management. Vipu will support and help your company to combine sales and marketing into a winning team!

Sales automation

Sales Automation

Sales automation uses software, digital tools and AI to eliminate repetitive, time-consuming daily, weekly or monthly sales tasks and automates them to allow sales team to focus on selling and closing deals.


Sales automation benefits your sales reps, sales management and overall business by both reducing the costs and boosting the sales.

Implementing a sales technology

Our onboarding services help you to get the best possible start and learn effective working ways to maximize the benefits of our products.  smooth transformation.


Our experts support and train your team during the implementation. They take care of the technical settings and customer data migration ensuring smooth transformation.


In onboarding, we set up the sales systems ready to be used based on your needs and make sure that everything is working how it is supposed to.  We help to utilize the new features to increase productivity in operations from the very beginning.


Vipu is there to walk through  the transformation path with you and helps leverage HubSpot technology to implement your sales strategy.

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Implementing a sales technology
Leveraging sales data

Leveraging sales data

When you have an access to sales process data revealing potential problem areas, you know what to concentrate on when improving the process. The average quote turnaround time might bee too long,  the closing ratio is low or the number of  deals in the deals pipeline is far too small.


Data driven sales management scales the sales and leads to growth. 


Sales training

HubSpot is easy to use and adopt by your sales team.  With the help of our experienced consultants we train your staff to get the most out of Sales Hub. 


Using Sales Hub makes it easier to manage the sales pipeline,  predict sales and react proactively if there are not enough sales activities in the sales pipeline to reach the target.


Sales Hub becomes even more powerful when combined with HubSpot Marketing Hub - part of the HubSpot designed for marketing activities.


Sales Training
Sales Integrations

Sales integrations

By integrating  data sources such as ERP or invoicing system into HubSpot, the sales team have even more data available.  The team gains more in-depth client insight and is able to provide better customer experience.


Vipu integration process includes 6 phases and our professionals ensure that the data flows seamlessly between all of the components.