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Sales Hub

Sales Hub is part of the HubSpot CRM platform. Sales Hub makes the management of the sales process easier. It frees time for the sales team to focus on customers who need personal attention, while preparing other contacts towards meetings, offers and deals. Sales automation helps manage and streamline tasks that are constantly repeated by salespeople and sales management.


Sales Hub improves visibility and predictability, and provides real-time analytics on sales performance. Modern dashboards and reporting tools ensure that valuable data stays in one place, and time is no longer wasted compiling inconsistent data. Management has more time to draw conclusions and take action that benefits the business.

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Popular features:

Automated sales and customer communication

Boost time-consuming tasks with sales automation.

Meeting calendar

Enable customers to book an appointment online, directly from your calendar.

Analytics and reporting tool

Easy-to-use reporting and analytics for managing and monitoring work, and powerful reports for sales management.

Sales pipeline

Track, measure and analyse prospects through the entire sales pipeline.

Mobile app

A mobile app for fast response and data capture. .

Email integration

Easy-to-use email integrations help you store conversations directly to your CRM.

Sales Hub makes the work easier for the sales team

The Sales Hub helps you streamline sales and shift the focus to your customers. A sales pipeline that matches the sales process, customer data that stays organized and automation of customer communications support sales to achieve their goals. Advanced, visual analytics and reporting tools help you better understand your customers. The entire team can monitor customer and lead activity in real time, regardless of location.

Sales Hub

HubSpot Sales Hub Pricing

Choose a Professional or Enterprise license for Sales Hub, depending on your business needs. The Professional license suits for SMEs where the sales team is responsible for driving targeted sales. Professional includes everything you need to build and implement a sales process that generates revenue and leads. The Enterprise license gives you all the tools and features of Sales Hub for a larger sales team.

If you're not sure which license is right for you, book a free consultation with our HubSpot expert and we'll find together the right solution for you!




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