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This is how we work, how we help our clients.


Vipu helps digitalize sales, marketing and customer service using the HubSpot system and technologies. Transparent, real-time analytics make it easier to manage and help to develop business operations.


The starting points, challenges and goals of each of our clients are unique. Here you can see some videos of our clients telling why they chose us, how the collaboration has succeeded and what kind of results we have achieved. 

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Lamor is investing in digital transformation

In 2020, Lamor decided to invest in the digitalization of marketing and communications. As a first step, their website was redesigned to support sales activities better. After the reform, the new website has been generating sales qualified leads 20 times better.

Puucomp has outsourced all marketing activities to Vipu

In line with the company's strategy, Puucomp focuses on its core competencies and has outsourced the strategic planning and operational implementation of marketing to Vipu.

Genano's journey of transformation

Genano shifted the focus of marketing from trade show visibility to digital marketing. The digital transformation has improved lead quality and accelerated sales rapidly.

At Best-Caravan, customer experience is at the heart of the business

Best-Caravan has answered to a high demand with improving customer service experience and storytelling. The customer path has been systematically developed with the help of marketing automation and digital marketing.