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Our value proposition

Our value proposition

We, at Vipu, guarantee growth by committing to our clients business goals and building data-driven bridges between sales, marketing, customer service and management.


A mutual understanding of goals, and consistently developing processes, create a human-orientated, caring and appreciative environment for our clients and also for our experts.


Here at Vipu we support you to be  the best version of yourself.

The story of Vipu

It all started by coincidence.


Jussi Liimatainen and Mikael Blomqvist happened to run into each other  in 2006 and soon noticed, that both had independently thought about the same idea.

They shared the same way of thinking. Firstly, sales and marketing should be connected better. Secondly, their underlying observations were that all other functions in companies had been turned into processes, except marketing. Efficient tools had been developed for other processes, but not for marketing.


It was time to take action. The company was named Vipu, because the word (in Finnish) describes the leverage given to the client's business. Vipu was founded in 2007 alongside marketing agency Ezpa, where Jussi worked as the Managing Director.

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Development of Marketing Processor

Now, the two founders started to develop software for managing the marketing processes. All available funds were invested  - both own and loaned, in order to get started. A lot of money went in, and more money was borrowed from Tekes.


The final product was named Marketing Processor. After one year from the start, the first version was piloted by users. However, the pilot revealed that the system would require substantial improvements to be competitive. 

At the same time, it turned out that numerous similar technologies with huge development budgets had been entered into the market, particularly in the USA. 

It was time to be reasonable and accept that it made more sense to team up with stronger players than try to make it on our own. The development of Marketing Processor ended and a collaboration agreement was signed with HubSpot, a newcomer in the market.  

Just like with Marketing Processor, the first versions of HubSpot were quite raw and potential clients also agreed with that. The sales were slow in the beginning.

HubSpot however developed fast and the Finnish market also started to become more accepting towards the new technology. Particularly Finnish engineer-driven companies  were excited to find a tool that "brought some sense into marketing" and what finally allowed sales and marketing to become allied. 


The market of marketing and sales automation was born, and the development has been rapid ever since the year of 2011.


In 2021 Jussi still leads and inspires us all and is also well known and highly respected founding partner at the HubSpot headquaters.

HubSpot appears in the horizon

Vipu is a HubSpot Diamond Partner

Vipu is the first HubSpot partner in the Nordics, a certified HubSpot expert and a HubSpot Diamond partner, serving B2B companies with the implementation of HubSpot in sales, marketing and customer service. In addition to that, we provide customer-oriented marketing planning and implementation.

Vipu is the HubSpot partner with the best customer retention rate in the EMEA region.