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Group 263

Service Hub

HubSpot Service Hub is a customer service system that works in collaboration with sales and marketing systems. This allows you to build a smooth customer experience when all the customer data you need is in one place. The customer service team can then deal with any problems efficiently.


Fast reactions, helping the customer and communicating about the situation are important values in customer service. Service Hub helps you keep your customers satisfied even when there has been a mistake or the customer encounters a problem.



  • The link to the CRM system means the required customer data is available to the customer service
  • Live chat and chatbot on your website
  • Knowledge base for answering your customers’ questions/li>
  • Ticketing system for managing and referring service requests
  • Customer feedback collection and customer satisfaction measurement
  • Customer service reporting

Customer benefits

  • The chat enables quick conversations with customers, and the chatbot helps outside customer service hours
  • Redirect the customers to find the answers themselves in the knowledge base
  • Service requests can be easily referred to the right person responsible for the matter
  • Operational development using reports and analyses becomes easier