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Marketing Hub

HubSpot Marketing Hub gathers all the tools you need in digital marketing on a single platform.


Marketing automation tools make measuring and analysing campaign performance easier and more professional. The HubSpot campaign tool allows you to measure your campaign targets, return on investment and sales.


Marketing automation enhances the marketing activities of the company, clarifies marketing workflows and measures the results of marketing campaigns.

Group 567


  • Conversion rate optimization with build-in A/B testing
  • Social media posts
  • Website analytics
  • Automated threads for leads
  • Creation and utilization of marketing lists

Customer benefits

  • Developing the functionality of marketing messages and websites using A/B tests
  • Effective implementation of the content strategy through timed social media posts and monitoring different channels
  • Find the pages that draw in traffic and leads and the ones that need improvement
  • Collect the leads, for instance on a form at a fair and automation will send the messages you want by email
  • Marketing lists allow you to send highly targeted messages