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Sales Hub

HubSpot Sales Hub clarifies the sales process and allows the salesperson to focus on the clients who need personal attention while preparing contacts for meetings, offers and deals.


Sales automation helps to manage and develop the tasks that the sales team and sales management repeat constantly.


Sales Hub increases transparency and predictability significantly. It provides real-time analytics on sales performance. This means there is less need for the sales manager to compile scattered data into reports, leaving more time for drawing conclusions and taking action.


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Guide to acquiring a CRM system

The real-time analytics of sales requires a CRM system where the customer and sales data are recorded.


A modern CRM system is no longer just for recording customer data, but also to automatically save the communication with the client. Data is saved into a single view, and several routine sales tasks can also be automated. This leaves more time for the sales team to focus on actual sales and customer work, consequently improving sales performance.

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Guide to acquiring a CRM system


  • A sales pipeline that matches your sales process
  • Email tracking
  • Automatic threads for contact persons
  • Online sharing of the meeting calendar for customers to use
  • Automatic reporting
  • Data can be utilized whenever, wherever

Customer benefits

  • Monitor the activeness of client accounts and leads
  • Make it easier to schedule customer meetings by sharing your calendar online
  • Shift the focus on customer cases that need attention right now
  • Keep track of the sales situation with the help of analytics and reports
  • Update customer data with the HubSpot mobile app
Sales Hub